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We are offering an opportunity, a chance. Symtia connects people, subjects and bespoke concepts. Symtia is becoming the moving force of interlinked projects. Everywhere we look we see people with small dreams. Dream big and make it happen. Be courageous and determined and when the others sleep, go ever onward. Believe in yourself. Discover Symtia!

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Send us your dream. Tell us your story. We want to know everything.

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If you spark interest in us we will meet. We want to really get you.

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If everything goes well, we will start working. It's gonna be hard.

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To organize a festival is no small feat. To create a successfull festival is harder still. Symtia Concepts builds projects in the festival space. Pick one and join us. We will connect you with successfull organisers and reliable vendors. You will get to learn from the best and get a chance to make something new. Bring your event to the next level!

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